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American War Pdf
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We have covered many debut novels by some of the most talented writers, and they have all been great, in our opinion. Today, we are about to cover another of those called the American War by Omar Akkad. This book is Omar Akkad’s debut novel set in the near-future United States and is a great read. If you want to get this book for free, download American War Pdf right now from our website.

American War Pdf Review:

We have all heard the atrocious stories of the American Civil War, and they must have meant something else for Omar Akkad because what he brings in the American War is something deep and powerful. There have always been discussions about the current unrest in the world is because of fossil fuels and different nations trying to control them, including the United States and others.

Omar Akkad uses this premise in a genius way and brings us a story of a second American Civil War set in the near-future United States. The Civil War has broken out, and while there is a situation of unrest in the whole country, a family is stuck in all this turmoil. This is not all since a devastating plague is another thing that is causing this chaotic situation.

American War is one of the most successful debut books ever, where many publications called its story a powerful and audacious one. It is one of the high-rated 2017 on Goodreads, having a user score of 3.8 out of 5. It got shortlisted for many Best Book Awards, and BBC shortlisted it on their list of 100 most influential novels of all time.

American War Pdf

About the Author Omar Akkad:

Omar Akkad is an Egyptian-Canadian author. He is known for his successful debut with the American War, which is considered one of the best novels ever written.

American War Pdf Features:

Listed below are some of the main features of the American War e-book:

  • The story of the American War is set in the near future and is a powerful one.
  • It brings us a fictional tale of the American Civil War and a devastating plague.

Download American War Pdf Free:

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