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The recipient of the U.S National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction, Chimamanda Adichie who the U.S National Critics Circle Book Award for Americanah. This novel tells the story of a Nigerian girl who travels to the United States for her University education. If you haven’t read some great pieces of fiction in a while, it is time that you get Americanah Pdf free from our site and get into its story right away.

Americanah Pdf Review:

Americanah is the story of a Nigerian girl Ifemelu in which her life events in the United States and Nigeria as a high-school teenager and a University student are discussed. In Nigeria, her life events during secondary school are discussed when she was in a relationship with a guy named Obinze. However, people are planning to leave the country due to the cruel military regime, so does Ifemelu.

Moving to the United States for studies doesn’t prove to be an easy step in the beginning since she has to face many racial problems. Also, following the events of September 11, her boyfriend is denied a visa, however, he manages to go to London as an immigrant. The book beautifully the themes of Gender, Migration, and Americanization by bringing a deep insight into these concepts.

As for the reception, Americanah received a positive response from the critics, as well as the readers. The book was praised for drawing a fine line between its themes and how they happen to be in different cultures. Also, the impact of these concepts has been portrayed quite well in human lives.

Americanah Pdf

About the Author Chimamanda Adichie:

Known for writing some critically acclaimed short stories and a novel, Chimamanda Adichie is a Nigerian writer. She is the recipient of the U.S National Critics Circle Book Award for Fiction.

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