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And Then There Were None Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Crime and suspense are hot topics in story writing. The curiosity and the ambiguity, till the end, lead the reader not to take his eyes off from the next word. The author of this book, Agatha Christie, has sprinkled mystery in the story very diligently. If you have the urge to read the story, then you can download Then There Were None Pdf right now from our site.

And Then There Were None Pdf Review:

The story begins when the ten different people are invited by a millionaire to a strange island. Those invited people do not know about the millionaire. When they reach the island, they do not find anyone there. The fascinating part of the story is that they all are hiding their past, which they don’t want to reveal in front of each other.

The story of 10 men who are called at an unknown island, by an unknown person. It is a strange and twisting point in the story that what will happen next to the people. There is a mansion on the island. A rhyme is written on the walls of the mansion. The story writer has done his job very professionally by engaging the reader. The suspense of knowing what will happen next in their life is a fascinating part of this story.

It is the beauty in Christie’s writing that she develops the urge in the reader to find out the next twisting point of the story. There is a rhyme that is written on the wall of the mansion of that island. The poem has the riddle, which states that all ten persons have to die one by one.

To keep the suspense, we are not giving you further spoilers. Now, it is your job to find out the conclusion. Don’t worry because it will not be a waste of time as it has a rating of 4.2 stars.

And Then There Were None Pdf

About the Author Agatha Christie:

Agatha Christie was a British short story writer who wrote many fictional novels on detective and suspense stories. She wrote the longest play of all time, The mousetrap. Her name is present in the Guinness Book of World Record because of the sale of two billion copies of her suspense and detective.

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