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City of Girls Pdf EBook
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Historical Fiction is one of the most intricate genres to write, and the author Elizabeth Gilbert seems to be pretty good at it. An example of that is her latest novel, City of Girls, which is the story of an older woman who tells the story of her life by remembering her life’s pleasures and regrets. If you want to read the book for free, we will provide the City of Girls Pdf at the end of this review.

City of Girls Pdf Review:

City of Girls brings us the story of Vivian Morris, who is now in her old age and starts remembering her youth’s events. The book beautifully discovers themes of pleasures, regrets, and female sexuality through her story. As she goes back into her memories, the book brings us the picture of Vivian Morris in her youth, which she gets rusticated from her college due to poor performance in the freshman year.

After this failed pursuit, her parents send Vivian Morris to her aunt in Manhattan. She finds a whole new society with so many attractive males around her, bringing out the charisma and unconventional side that she had never seen before. During this time, she meets the love of her life and becomes part of the American dream that everybody seems to chase.

However, even during her professional life in this city, she ends up making mistakes that lead to an atrocious scandal, which is one of the regrets she goes back to all the time. While most of the older woman’s thoughts are about these pleasures of life, the regrets seem to trouble her much.

City of Girls received many nominations being one of the best historical fiction books of the century. Many publications called it a healthy book by yet another strong female writer who seems to surpass expectations every time.

City of Girls Pdf EBook

About the Author Elizabeth Gilbert:

Elizabeth Gilbert is an American writer. She has received several nominations both in fiction and non-fiction categories. She has often remained on the New York Times Bestseller list. Gilbert is the recipient of many nominations for her books, including this one.

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