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Conversation with Friends Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

While most writers choose to be all chaotic and exaggerative about their characters, Sally Rooney tried doing something unique in her debut novel, and we dare say that she did well. Conversation with Friends is her debut novel, which brings us a beautiful human relations story even when the odds of them happening are not common. To get a Conversation with Friends Pdf, click the link at the end.

Conversation with Friends Pdf Review:

Frances and Bobbi are two college friends who have formed strong bonds over time. Frances is an aspiring writer, and while both of them take part in the local spoken-poetry events, Melissa gets noticed. Melissa seems a sophisticated old lady; however, she possesses a certain class that impresses Frances. After seeing Frances’s potential in poetry, Melissa invites her to her home.

When she goes to Melissa’s home, Frances is left impressed by the beautiful décor of the house and her husband. He is a tall and handsome guy that draws Frances towards him. She can’t help but start a flirting process with Nick, and when they start talking, to realize that they have a lot in common, the relationship becomes even stronger. All of this starts happening regardless of Bobbi knowing about it in the beginning.

However, everything has consequences. So does this relationship since her bond with her father and Bobbi starts to deteriorate, leading to events you will love to read about. Conversation with Friends has a Goodreads score of 3.8 out of 5. Overall, it had amazing reception, and even though it did not win any awards, the book got nominated for Folio Prize and Dylan Thomas Prize.

Conversation with Friends Pdf

About the Author Sally Rooney:

Sally Rooney is an Irish author. She is known for writing a Conversation with Friends and its sequel, Normal People. Both of these novels were a success, and the latter got adapted for a TV series.

Conversation with Friends Pdf Features:

  • Conversation with Friends brings us a beautiful tale of friendship and human relations.
  • A book that lives up to the dangers and pleasures of youth

Download Conversation with Friends Pdf Free:

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