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Danse Macabre pdf
Written by Shakespeare

If we talk about the horror book’s authors, then a name must come at the top of the list. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Stephen King. The book we are talking about also tells us about the influence of the writings on the author himself. There is a special thing about this book. Which is, One of the friend’s of the author “Bill Thompson” said that “Why don’t you do a book about the entire horror phenomenon as you see it? Books, movies, radio, TV, the whole thing. We’ll do it together, if you want.” If we say that this book is in an autobiography style then it will not be wrong.

It all starts with an Invitation to King for a Dance. “Danse Macabre” contains the content in the form of the chapters. There is a great influence of the college notes of the author himself on this book. Not the college notes he read in the college. The notes we are talking about are the ones he taught in the college.

About Author Stephen King:

The author of this book is a very important person if we talk about the writers. He is known as the best among all the writers. Not just the horror genre, But he is also known for his work in almost all the genres. Horror, fantasy, science fiction, supernatural fiction, drama, gothic genre, fiction, dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic fiction, crime, fiction, suspense, and the thriller are all the genres he wrote in in his life.

Danse Macabre pdf

Features of Danse Macabre pdf:

  • The genre of the book is Non-Fiction.
  • English is the original language of this book.
  • The United Kingdom is the publication place of the book.
  • Everest House is the publisher of the book.
  • The publication date of the book is 20 April 1981.
  • There are 400 pages of the book.

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