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Democracy and Education PDF
Written by Shakespeare

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Democracy and Education Review:

The complete name of the book is “Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education” and tells us about the contents of the book what we are going to get from this book. As the name of the book says that it is going to be a philosophy book telling us about the education and the qualities of the teaching as well as the learning. The author talks about the two main groups of each and every society, the young ones which are immature and new-born members of the society and on the other hand the adult members of the mature ones having a good knowledge of each and everything about the life as well as about the society.

The author further says that the older members of the society need to be the teachers of the immature members of the society and they need to share interests, purposes, information, skill, and practices to the younger ones in order to make their life meaningful and make them live their life like the humans. Not only the younger members of the society need learning but some of the adult “savages” of the society as well. Because they are more dangerous than the younger ones if left alone to do whatever they want to do. All of these things are waiting for you to read in the book.

About Author John Dewey:

John Dewey is an American author. He has a very good name in a lot of fields like the philosopher, psychologist, as well as being an educational reformer. His books and the ideas are the basis of some of the modern educational reforms.

Features of Democracy and Education PDF:

  • The original publication year of the book is 1916.
  • There are 434 pages in the book.

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