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Alice In Wonderland pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, usually named as Alice in Wonderland is a fantasy novel written by Lewis Carroll. It explores adventures of a little girl Alice, who falls into the fantasy Wonderland. Here is a short review as well as summary and features of Alice in Wonderland pdf.

Alice In Wonderland pdf

Alice in Wonderland pdf Review:

The plot of the novel features 10-years old Alice, who falls into a rabbit hole. Inside the hole, Alice discovers a Wonderland. Inside the Wonderland there are peculiar anthromorphic characters. The author, who is also a mathematician, effectively incorporates logic into the story. This makes it interesting for people of all ages. Its plot along with its characters have a strong influence on fantasy genre. In literature as well as in popular culture.

About Author Lewis Carroll:

Charles Ludtwig Dodgson, penname Lewis Carroll, was an English writer and also mathematician and logician. He is most famous for his works on literary non-sense and fantasy genre. His most famous works include two novels as well as two famous poems that were part of his novels.

Alice in Wonderland pdf Summary:

The story starts with Alice being bored sitting with her sister. Suddenly she sees a talking rabbit and starts following him into the rabbit hole. On jumping behind the rabbit, Alice enters a hallway with different doors. With difficulty, she manages to get past one door into a wonder garden. From there the plot proceeds with Alice meeting other animals. She explores the Wonderland along with them.

Features of Alice in Wonderland pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • One of the most famous and most influencial works of fantasy genre.
  • Logic-based story which catches interests of elders and youngsters alike.
  • Also, a source of many other works of fiction including movies, songs and books.

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