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Black Beauty
Written by Shakespeare

Black Beauty is an anthropomorphic novel written by Anna Sewell. It explores autobiography of a horse named Black Beauty. The novel shows life and struggle of Black Beauty in three phases of his life.  Here is a short review of Black Beauty pdf.

Black Beauty pdf

Black Beauty pdf Review:

Black Beauty presents life of a horse in autobiographical style. Each chapter presents certain experiences of Black Beauty with the world around him. Showing different aspects of life. It presents us not only with the attitude of humans, but also with animals. The novel shows financial crises of humans as well as the issues of animals. Black Beauty is the only novel by Anna Sewell and was published just five months before her dead. It is one of the best selling fiction books of all time.

About Author:

Anna Sewell was an English novelist. She is best known for her novel Black Beauty which was published around 5 months before her death.

Black Beauty Summary:

The plot is narrated in first person as an autobiography of Black Beauty. It starts with his carefree days with his mother in an English farm. Then it shows his hard life in which he pulls taxicab in London. Finally, it ends up in a happy retirement. On the way, Black Beauty meets with different people and experiences.

Features of Black Beauty pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • An amazing novel with plot based on animal anthropomorphism.
  • Represents emotions of animals as well as of humans.
  • One of the best selling English books of all time.

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