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The Book Of Magic Pdf
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Neil Gaiman’s The Book of Magic has brilliantly broken into the world of fantasy with a meaningful contribution. This is the first comic book of the series and critics believe that it is the key to the gate of a magically fresh world. The book is beautifully illustrated with the relevant pictures that actually work as a valuable support for the imagination of the readers. At the end of this article, get the free The Book Of Magic Pdf.

The Book Of Magic Pdf Features.

  • The first volume of The Book Of Magic was published in 1990 by DC Comics.
  • The comic book has released its four volumes mini-series up till now.
  • The Book of Magic is one of the bestselling comic books of the author.

The Book Of Magic Summary.

It is a hard to adequately describe in words the impact that The Book of Magic has on its readers. It is a mini series of four-volume comic book which encircles around a young boy named Tim who wants to become the greatest magician of the world. He hasn’t decided that his allegiance is going to be good one or will support evil thoughts. In this situation, the Trenchcoat Brigade make their mind up to resolve Tim’s uncertainty. They teach him about everything that is possible and its consequences. The comic book brilliantly illustrates what happens in Tim’s life and keeps the readers glued to it. The Book of Magic is clearly aimed at a young audience and for that reason; the occasionally simple story serves its purpose.

About the Author.

Neil Gaiman is a British author who wrote and illustrated all four volumes of The Book of Magic in collaboration with American authors John Ney Rieber and Peter Gross.  No doubt, the 56-year-old did a lot more than just start a magical fantasy comic book series as his brilliant work has set grounds for more books of its genre.

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