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The Bourne Identity PDF
Written by Shakespeare

If you are looking for a very interesting and very amazing book then we have one for you. This book is known as a very good book when it comes to the thriller and the fiction and action books. Not just this but this book is also a very interesting for the spy lovers as well. The Bourne Identity deals with a person known as Jason Bourne. He is a patient of retrograde amnesia but he got very good survival instincts. The story becomes more and more interesting when he is on his way to find his own true identity. And during this process, some of the underground organizations and a professional assassin is behind him. Not just behind him but they all just want him dead. The main theme of the story is a man chasing his past while there are many dangers around him.

The Bourne Identity is of the Bourne Trilogy. Not just this novel but the full series is so amazing that you are simply going to love it.

About Author Robert Ludlum:

The Bourne Identity is written by the very well known writer Robert Ludlum. This American writer is known for his thriller novels. And he has written almost 27 novels of the same category. Some of his works are very much famous just like this series we are talking about.

The Bourne Identity PDF

Features of The Bourne Identity PDF:

  • The original language of the book is English.
  • Type of the book is the thrill and the spy, the book is basically a novel.
  • The publication date for the book is February 1980.
  • There are 523 pages of this book at the time of original publication.
  • There is a movie based on the novel as well. Not just the movie but there is a T.V series as well. The name of the movie is same as of the book.
  • The original publisher of the book is Richard Marek.

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