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Catch 22 pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Catch 22 is an anti-war satire novel written by Joseph Heller and was published in 1961. Heller started writing it since 1953. Here is a short review, summary and features of Catch 22 pdf.

Catch 22 pdf

Catch 22 pdf Review:

Catch 22 faced various hurdles in its selection of title from the time author started writing it to the time it was finally published. In the end, Catch 22 was published by Simon and Schuster and received mixed public opinion. The author criticizes the war as well as political motives in satirical manner in this novel. The novel however rapidly developed into a cult among young readers. It is also one of the greatest novels of 20th century literature in many rankings.

About Author Joseph Heller:

Joseph Heller was an American author who wrote novels as well as short stories and plays. His most famous work is Catch 22, which have become a synonym for contradictory decisions.

Catch 22 Summary pdf:

The novel’s plot is set in World War II and mostly follows the story of Captain John Yossarin and his companions in US Military. The story is broadly divided into 41 chapters and the development of its plot can be developed into 7 broad segments. The separate stories of different soldiers is set in alternating time periods from 1942 to 1944. The novel shows the lives and actions of the soldiers involved in plot and reflects the brutalities of war.

Features of Catch 22 pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • Satire novel written in criticism of war as well as bureaucracy.
  • Also a synonym for contradictory decisions and situations.
  • It is one of the most important works of literature of last century.

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