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Cathedral PDF
Written by Shakespeare

The book we are talking about tells us about the St. Patrick’s Day and the horrors of the same day as well. This book is basically a novel and the story in this book is all about the St. Patrick’s Day. The author of the book tells the story that once there was a St. Patrick’s Day and then something really bad happened. Not just the normal bad things but some of the most horrible things anyone can possibly imagine. There were blood and the horrors all over the place. The main and the core reason behind all this was the kidnapping of the four persons. These persons are not the normal persons of the city but these are some of the most important persons as well.

The terrorists are now threatening the complete city that they are going to shoot these persons. And for this reason, they are doing whatever they want to do. And no one is there to stop them. The people behind all these things are named as “IRA”. Their final call is to demolish the St. Patrick’s Cathedral if their all the demands are not completed. All the people of this city are now very much upset due to all these things. And no one knows what is going to be now.

Cathedral PDF

About Author Nelson Richard DeMill:

The writer of “Cathedral” is an American writer. Nelson Richard DeMille is very well known for his works in the field of the suspense, action and the adventure as well. He is known as the very good novelist as well.

Features of Cathedral PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United States is the original publication place of the book.
  • “Delacorte Press” are the publishers of the book.
  • There are 483 pages of this book.
  • The publication date of the book is May 1981.

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