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Christine PDF
Written by Shakespeare

Read our review and summary of Christine by Stephen King and download Christine PDF ebook free [Preview version] at the end.

Christine Review:

The book we are talking about is known as one of the very interesting and very much popular books in the history. Not just this but “Christine” is also a book which is the base of a movie as well. The main characters of the book around which the story revolves are the Dennis Guilder and Arnold. Talking about the Arnold, he is a teenager and more like a nerd as well. The story starts from the time when both of them are riding towards the home after finishing their job. As they are passing their way, they see a  white 1958 Plymouth Fury car standing by a house. As it is mentioned above that the Arnold “Arnie” is a nerd, he wants to stop by the car in order to take a close look.

After looking at the car he wants to buy this car because he very much likes it. Then the owner of the car “Roland D. LeBay” sells this same car to Arnie. As they are doing the paperwork, Dennis Guilder walks to the car and takes a closer look at the car. The name of the car in this book is “Christine” which is the same name as of the book as well. After Dennis Guilder sits inside the car in order to take a closer look at the interior as well. He suddenly comes out of the car. It seems that is not liking the new car.

Christine PDF

About Author Stephen King:

The Writer of “Christine” is an American author. Stephen Edwin King is the one we are talking about. And if you have a little interest in the books then you should know him very well. As this book is a horror book, he has a very good name in writing the horror books. If we say that he is the best horror writer then it will not be wrong as well.

Features of Christine PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United States is the original publication place of the book.
  • “Viking” are the publishers of the book.
  • There are 526 pages of this book.
  • The publication date of the book is 29th April 1983.

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