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cost accounting pdf
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Cost accounting is basically the branch of financial accounting. Cost accounting is the recording of all the costs incurred in a business. The main objective of cost accounting is to give true and exact information about the profit of the organization and all the costs that are incurred to earn that profit. Cost Accounting helps the directives to make budgets, policies and set future objectives for the organization. The expenses that are incurred in the production of a product are too much difficult to calculate cost accounting helps us in this regard because there are different techniques and method in this subject to find cost incurring in any organization.

cost accounting pdf

About The Author of Cost Accounting pdf:

Horngern and Charles are the author of this books. This book has only two editions. Cost Accounting is published in 2013 by Pearson Australia Publishers.

Features Of Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis VitalSource eText 1962 Pdf:

The following are the main features of this book.

  • The book consists of 23 contents.
  • The books consists of 869 pages.
  • The book is written in simple language hence makes it easy for the students to understand it.
  • Unlike the other books its print is in different colors which makes it more attractive to the readers.
  • The book emphasis on the managerial uses of the cost information of the organization.
  • The book explains the topics of cost accounting with modern knowledge and information along with the traditional knowledge and information of cost accounting.
  • With every topic after brief explanation the book provides an example for it from the modern world organization which makes it better to understand how the concepts of cost accounting is applied in the modern organizations.
  • The book also provide visual aids.


This book is recommended by majority of teachers of universities from all over the world because it is beneficial for the students of both college and university because it contains all the topics and contents starting from basics to highly complex matters.

Download Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis VitalSource eText Pdf:

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