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Digital Fortress PDF
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Digital Fortress Review:

Talking about some of the most different but some of the most interesting books, The name of the “Digital Fortress” is a sure thing to discuss there. The awesomeness and the amazingness of this book is a must thing to discuss as well. And talking about the genre of the books it is having a story in which there is a ton of mystery as well as there is a ton of techno-thriller content as well. Although there is a number of the mystery books relating it┬áto the techno-thrill genre takes it to a whole new level. If you like to watch the series’ as well, then we have a good news that this book is also a base of the T.V series which surely worths watching.

Talking about the main theme and the main story of the book, it is going to tell us about the surveillance. And the surveillance is done by the government. And talking about the things that are being watched, this things is basically the electronically stored information. This information is related to the citizens. Not only the citizens are on the target but there is more, the civil liberties are also being watched very closely as well.

Digital Fortress PDF

About Author Daniel Gerhard Brown:

The writer of “Digital Fortress” is an American author.┬áDaniel Gerhard Brown is not only a very good author but he was a very good songwriter as well. A ton of big names is written by him including “The Da Vinci Code”, “Angels and Demons” And the “Inferno” as well. These books are also the basis of some very good movies if you are interested in the movies.

Features of Digital Fortress PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United States is the original publication place of the book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 1998.

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