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Economics Pdf
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Economics is a social science which is concerned with the study of making choices and how to allocate resources to satisfy the needs and wants of the community, area and nation. The subject is based on the fact that the resources of the nature are limited and the wants and needs of the individuals are unlimited the purpose of accounting is to using the available resources of the nature and satisfy the needs and wants of the people.

Economics Pdf


About the Author William Nordhas and Paul Sameuolson:

Economics Pdf is written by two authors William Nordhas and Paul Sameuolson. The both authors are US economists.

Features of Economics Pdf:

  • Economics is an introductory book to the concepts and topics of the field economics.
  • The book consists of 553 pages.
  • This book was published in 1948 for the first time in the United States of America.
  • There are 19 editions of this book the most new edition of this book was published in 2009.
  • The book is available in 41 different languages in different countries of all around the world.
  • The book contains introduction to economics its history and topics such as demand, supply, marginal utility, tax, foreign policies etc.


Economics is a very interesting field. It’s a bit difficult but its fun when you clear your concepts on the topics. The field of economics is basically divided into two parts one is macro economics and the other is micro economics. This book contains both the topics from macro as well as micro economics. The book is written in simple language which covers the history, origin and basics of economics. There are 19 different editions of the book which covers the course of accounting from the starting topic to the ending topic. This book is taught in different universities and collages.

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