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financial accounting 1 pdf
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Accounting is one the main and tough subject in the field of management sciences. For a financial manger it is essential to have full command over the concepts and principles of financial accounting. Financial Accounting 1 is one the easiest book available on net to clear the  concepts of accounting of students. This books is highly recommended by the lectures that’s the reason we are providing this book on our site so that its easily for the students to get this and clear their concepts on accounting.

About The Author of Financial Accounting 1 pdf:

The author of this book is Dr. Chandra Shekhar. He is a well known lecturer of Financial Accounting. He is also popular for providing simplest and easiest books on finance and accounting. The author a Ph.D in finance and accounting from the university of Pennsylvania State University.

financial accounting 1 pdf

Features of Financial Accounting 1 pdf:

  • The book is consists of 418 pages. Pdf format.
  • The book briefly explains main accounting topics such as the transactions and its recording, the voucher system, the whole accounting process starting from general journal, ledger entries, trail balance, adjusted trail balance, income statement and balance sheet.
  • Some of the other concepts which are explained briefly in this book are profit and loss accounts, negotiable instrument accounting, one of the main concepts of accounting such as double entry system etc.

Summary Of Financial Accounting 1 pdf:

As a student of social sciences I personally recommend this book because the main concepts of financial accounting is briefly explained in this book in 418 soft pages. The concepts and principles are explained in such a simple language which you can easily understand the book contains charts and graphs which makes it easy to get a clear picture of the topic being discussed.

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