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Financial Shenanigans Pdf
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Accounting is the recording of financial transactions of a business. Accounting also presents this information to outside the organization such as share holders and government agencies. Accounting is very important to run a business successfully for small business accounting is done by a single accountant and in the large businesses there is a whole department for this process. Financial Shenanigans Pdf is about how to detect fraud and deceptive behavior in the financial statement such as income statement, balance sheet and owner equity account of a company. The purpose of accounting is to present the true picture of the financial position of a firm but if there is any fraud or mistake in the statements then the true purpose of accounting is not fulfill here in this book the author tries to clear the concept of how to detect problems and showed the tools for it and also its solutions.

Financial Shenanigans Pdf



About The Author Of Financial Shenanigans Pdf:

Howard Schilit is the author of Financial Shenanigans. He is a CPA and Ph.D holder in the field of accounting and finance. Howard is a well known author and he is also very popular for accounting tools and tricks.

Features of Financial Shenanigans Pdf:

  • The book consist of 336 pages.
  • The book is mainly based on the principles of GAAP.
  • The main focus of the book is how to make financial transactions error free so that the true picture of the business is available to the administration and also to the outside firm.


Financial Shenanigans Pdf is one of the best and simplest book available on the internet. The book is written in simple language so that it can be learned easily by anyone. The frauds in the financial statements are common in today business so this book is very helpful to overcome it.

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