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Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering PDF
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Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering Review:

Drilling engineering is a multidisciplinary subject, including a broad topic in engineering, geology, chemistry, and physics. A general textbook must cover all these topics with reasonable balance between topics. Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering, an update of the classic Applied Drilling Engineering (Textbook Series Vol. 2), takes a new look at the basics of drilling engineering. The specific chapter topics covered in this book include the following:

Rotary Drilling:

This chapter describes the basics of rotary drilling; there are a number of problems posed, suitable for an introductory course on drilling.

Introduction to Geomechanics in Drilling:

The objective of this chapter is to introduce the basic concepts of geomechanics related to drilling, including wellbore stability and the selection of suitable mud weights.

Drilling Fluids:

This chapter describes the types, functions, formulation, and testing of drilling fluids.


This chapter describes the primary objectives of cementing, the formulation and testing of cement, and methods for cement placement.

Drilling Hydraulics:

This chapter describes how wellbore pressures are calculated in a variety of scenarios, such as circulation and surge pressures.

Rotary Drilling Bits:

This chapter discusses bit types and selection criteria, factors affecting bit wear and drilling rate, and optimization of bit performance.

Casing Design:

This chapter addresses the types and functions of casing strings and the methods used for the selection, sizing, and design of well completions.

Directional Drilling:

This chapter presents directional well trajectory design, the control of the well path while drilling, and methods for modelling the torque and drag forces on a drill string.

Fundamentals of Drill String Design:

This chapter presents descriptions of the components of a drill-string, determination of the forces and moments in the drill string, the effect of wellbore pressures on drill string forces, and overall drill string design.

Drilling Problems:

This chapter presents specific drilling problems and their solutions, including lost circulation, well control, recovery of broken drill string components, and stuck drill pipe.

Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering PDF

About Authors Robert F. Mitchell and Stefan Z. Miska:

The authors of the book are very well-known authors when it comes to the petroleum books and both of them are having a good contribution for the field as well.

Features of Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering pdf:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • There are 696 pages in the book.
  • The original publication date of the book is 31st December 2010.

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