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The Godfather Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

The Godfather details a fascinating story that spins around a mafia family based in New York City and its enemies. The novel reveals how the family builds, expands and maintains their empire. Ranging from love, betrayal to manipulation to greed and revenge, The Godfather has all the elements readers can expect from a real classic. The Novel also inspired a Hollywood movie of the same name in 1972 which was a big hit. Though the Godfather-the movie is a remarkable film, it’s more excitement to read the book than watching the story in a 3-hour movie. Undoubtedly, the way Mario Puzo has narrated the story is so beautiful, comprehensive and unique while its wonderfully well-written plot and narration leave a mark on its readers. At the end of this review, download the free The Godfather Pdf.

The Godfather Pdf

Features of The Godfather Pdf:

  • The Godfather perfectly fits in the definition of a classic novel.
  • It was originally published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons in 1969.
  • The story in The Godfather covers the years 1945 to 1955.
  • It was first time when a book introduced Italian criminal terminologies such as caporegime, omerta, consigliere to English speaking readers.
  • The Godfather gained a huge success after its release in 1969 and is still popular like before.

Summary of the Godfather:

Also known as the Godfather, Michael is a mafia don who wants to live his life according to his own rules and principles. He is the man who is respected and hated alike. Michael and his three sons possess different characteristics of their personalities. The novel beautifully depicts how gradually changing circumstances bring the entire family together and eventually destroy them. The Godfather brilliantly transports the readers to the world of mafia. The story has several twists along with a series of expected and unexpected events that leave readers completely engrossed till the end. Many sequences in the novel are beautifully described making you actually visualize it happening in front of your eyes.

About the Author:

Mario Puzo is an Italian-American author. He was a postman when he penned down his world famous crime novel The Godfather in his kitchen. Many erudite scholars believe that Puzo’s novel is a classic literature which is also marked by its popularity and longevity.

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