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Gone Girl Pdf
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It wouldn’t be an understatement if we say that Gone Girl is one of the most successful novels ever written. It is a crime and mystery novel written by Gillian Flynn who is an American writer. The novel rose to great popularity becoming an instant New York Times Best Seller. If you are looking forward to reading it, get the Gone Girl Pdf right now from our website and treat yourself to one of the greatest stories ever.

Gone Girl Review:

The author Gillian Flynn has described that the disappearance of Laci Peterson was her motivation behind writing this novel and she tried to portray the theme around out-of-work writers beautifully. What’s the best thing about this theme is that Flynn uses her own experiences from the time when she was out of work.

Gone Girl is such a piece of art and a masterpiece according to many publications where there are many plot twists, suspenseful sequences, and an unreliable narration that keeps you enchanted throughout the reading experience. The book also got adapted for film with the same title. Both the book and film received critical reception and were commercial successes.

As for the story, it tells the tale of Amy Elliot and Nick Dunne who are married, yet they have entirely different perspectives about their marriage. The story in the book is being told from both perspectives. For instance, from Amy’s POV, their relationship was of importance in the past while Nick tells that to be true in the present as well.

The book garnered many accolades from various book publications and was the #1 New York Times Best Seller.

Gone Girl Pdf

About the Author Gillian Flynn:

Gillian Flynn is an American writer who has published three novels including Gone Girl, Dark Places, and Sharp Objects. She used to work in Entertainment Weekly where she was a television critic.

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