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The Heart Of A Woman PDF
Written by Shakespeare

There are many autobiography books available. The Heart of a Woman is not just better but there is a realistic touch in this book. Which makes it way better than all the other autobiographies.  This is basically a part of the series of the books written by the author. This book deals with the 5 years of the life of the author. From the year 1957 to the year 1962. In this book, she tells about her travel to the 4 big cities which are California, New York City, Cairo, and Ghana. In this book, she also talks about her teenage son. And the book also includes the topic of the Motherhood as well.

This book gave her more respect and made her more famous in the eyes of the black people. She was also a spokesperson for the black people as well. Due to which Joanne Braxton said that, “without a doubt … America’s most visible black woman autobiographer.” She was the first black lady to share about her life publically. She took the name fo the book from a poem. This book has won many awards as well. Many books of the author are also a base for many plays and the T.V sows as well. There are some movies as well, which are based on the author’s work.

The Heart Of A Woman PDF

About Author Maya Angelou:

The Heart of a Woman is written by Maya Angelou. She was an American writer. Not just the writer but the poet, and the civil rights activist as well. She is very well known for her work in the memoir and the poetry genre.

Features of The Heart of a Woman PDF:

  • English is the original publication language of the book.
  • The United States is the publication country of the book.
  • Random House is the publisher of this book.
  • The publication date of the book is 1981.
  • There are 336 pages of this book.

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