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A Light in the Attic PDF
Written by Shakespeare

There are few books having the ability to build more and more interest in the readers. As much as you are going to read this book, You are going to be more and more attracted to it. A Light in the Attic is written especially for the children. Basically, it is a book having the poems in it. These poems are very interesting and full of lessons as well. There are some controversies about this book as well. Like some parents say about the poem “How Not To Have To Dry The Dishes” that it is not an appropriate poem for the kids. As it misleads them to the disobedience and rudeness. And due to this poem, it has been banned from some of the libraries as well.

Not just this one but another poem “Little Abigail and the Beautiful Pony” is also a controversy about this book. According to this poem, A little girl dies due to her parents. She wants a pony but her parents refuse to do so. And the girl dies. This book is also banned in some of the schools as well. But these bans are not going to decrease its awesomeness. We assure you that your kids are going to love this book no matter what.

A Light in the Attic PDF

About Author Shel Silverstein:

A Light in the Attic is written by an American author. Not just the author but he was a Poet, Cartoonist, Songwriter, and a Playwright as well. Comedy and the Children’s writings are the best of his work. He was an award-winning writer as well.

Features of A Light in the Attic PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United States is the country of publication of the book.
  • Harper & Row are the publishers of this book.
  • The publication year of the book is 1981.
  • There are 169 pages of this book.

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