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principles of economics pdf
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Economics is basically a social science that studies resources and how people use these resources to satisfy their unlimited wants. Economics basically focuses on decision making that how using limited resources one can satisfy his needs and wants. The resources of the world or universe are limited on the other hand the wants of beings are unlimited. So economics is a disciples that teaches a relation between limited resources and unlimited wants. The main focus of economics is the description and analysis of production, distribution and consumption of products. The product may be goods or services.

About The Author Of Principles of Economics Pdf:

The author of principles of economics is N. Gregory Mankiw. This book was published in year 2016 in US. There are 8 editions of this book.

principles of economics pdf

Features of Principles of Economics Pdf:

The following are the main features of Principles of Economics Pdf.

  • The book contains 787 pages.
  • The book is divided into 12 parts starting from Introduction to the last part Final thoughts.
  • The book contains 36 chapters which includes brief history of economics the basics concepts of economics, todays importance of economics, scope of economics, in a simple language in briefly.
  • The book also contains some of the main and essential concepts of economics such as GDP, GNP, NNP, PI, DI etc in a very good and understandable way.

Summary Of Principles of Economics pdf:

In todays modern world economics paly a very vital role on both big and small scale. The economics is basically divided into two types one is Macroeconomics and the other one is Microeconomics. Macroeconomics deals with the resources of a country or a world where as Microeconomics deals with the resources on a small scale like the resources of ones individual or a single company etc.

Download Principles of Economics Pdf:

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