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Running In The Family PDF
Written by Shakespeare

The book we are talking about is one of the unique books. Although there are many other book s based on biographies and the autobiographies. But this biography includes many other things in it as well. There is a strong touch of the fiction in this book. Basically, it was a memoir. But the writer has taken this to a unique level. You are going to experience the magic realism as well. The story in this book tells us about the author and the travel of the author to his native town or native country which is Sri Lanka. He has written this book in a very effective manner that the message he is trying to give is very clear. The writer tells about his family and the lifestyle of his family as well. And whenever the lifestyle comes there also comes the history and the culture as well.

As it is clear that “Running in the Family” is a mixture of the history, fiction, and the biography. So it makes the book very much attractive readily. And the book also discusses the social terms and the social interactions as well.

Running In The Family PDF

About Author Michael Ondaatje:

The writer of “Running in the Family” is basically a Sri-Lankan born person. But not just a Sri-Lankan national, he is a Canadian national as well. He is very well known writer and not just the author but he is a very famous Editor, Film-maker, Poet, and a very good novelist as well. There is a big list of the awards of the author which is itself a proof of the author’s hard work.

Features of Running in the Family PDF:

  • This book is one of the best biographies and autobiographies.
  • The publication year of the book is 1982.
  • There are many famous characters in this book.

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