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Shorthand Basics Pdf
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Containing 320 pages, John Robert’s Shorthand Basics is a great help for everyone who wants to understand and learn Gregg shorthand.  The author is persuaded that the actual progress of shorthand is the right solution of all the difficulties that may sound it.  The book also reveals the fundamental difference between Gregg Shorthand and geometric shorthand. At the end of this article, download the free Shorthand Basics Pdf.

Shorthand Basics Pdf

Shorthand Basics Pdf Features

  • Shorthand Basics is an introduction to an eponymous writing system of writing system known as ‘Gregg Shorthand’.
  • It was published in 1995 by McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing.
  • The success of Shorthand Basics led to many books coming in the market on the similar topic.

Shorthand Basics Summary

Shorthand Basics is about shorthand which is a different kind of system to write notes. This technique helps people in their career in regard of various businesses that involve writing for taking down notes for different purposes. Shorthand involves an easy method for those who want to use. The technique of taking down notes does not take long time to be leant and practiced.  Once individuals have learnt its basics, they can instantly jot down notes for them for remembering what has happened as well as for finishing their work ahead of time. In addition, Shorthand Basics helps you with day-to-day practice that can enable you to use this system effectively and without much excretion. It is needless to state that the author of the Shorthand Basics has found real pleasure in the creative beauty of the system.

About the Author

John Robert Gregg was an Irish author. He also earned fame in the field of education and humanity.  His noble work was inventing an eponymous writing system ‘Gregg Shorthand’ which has so far helped many professionals for a number of writing purposes.

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