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The Sociological Imagination Pdf
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Sociology is a branch of science and is concerned mainly with the study of social beings. Sociology is basically a social science which uses skills of investigation and analysis to get knowledge and information about the society and change in the society and how that changed occurred. Several sociologists research and apply directly or indirectly that knowledge to the welfare and policy that is made for the society. Whenever a social problem arises in a society it is the job of the sociologist to find its cause and how to overcome that problem.

The Sociological Imagination Pdf


About The Author of Sociological Imagination Pdf:

  1. Wright Mills is the author of Sociological Imagination. He is from US and was a sociologist in Colombia University and did a lot of work in the field of sociology. He is well known for this book in the US and several other countries his book is taught in several popular universities. The author died in 1962 after 3 years the book has been published.

Features Of Sociological Imagination Pdf:

  • This book was published in 1959.
  • The book contains the concepts of sociology in the form of essays and stories which makes it very easy and interesting for the students of sociology to understand it.
  • The book links the perspectives of past with the present to make it more clear for the students what they want to learn.
  • The book consists of three main topics Biography, History and Society. Because these three are the main components from which you can know about a human being.


Students of this field know that the subject of Sociology connects the social, personal and historical components of our daily life. This concept was presented by C. Wright Mills in this book for the first time. This books aims to connect the private issues of a single individual to huge sociological issues.

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