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The Mayor of Casterbridge pdf
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The Mayor of Casterbridge is written by Thomas Hardy in 1886. It is set in fictional town of Casterbridge and is a part of Hardy’s Wessex county. Thomas Hardy started writing the book in 1884 and finished it in 1885 and writes within the book that the events took place “before the nineteenth century had reached one-third of its span”. Here is a short review and download link of The Mayor of Casterbridge pdf.

The Mayor of Casterbridge pdf

The Mayor of Casterbridge pdf Review:

The novel features story of a young man, Michael Henchard, who gets drunk on a county fair in Casterbridge, Wessex and argues with his wife, Susan. In anger, he decides to sell his wife and daughter, Elizabeth-Jane, to a sailor. When sober, he comes to realize about his mistake, but it is too late. So he decides to never touch liquor for next 21 years. And so the story goes on. The novel is adopted into multiple films and plays.

About Author

Thomas Hardy was a Victorian English novelist and also a poet. He was influenced by George Elliot, William Wordsworth and Charles Dickens’ and thus criticized the Victorian era, focusing mainly on decline of rural society.

The Mayor of Casterbridge Summary:

The Mayor of Casterbridge is another one of Thomas Hardy’s novels featured in his fictional country of Wessex. Hardy published the book in 1886. The book features story of a young man who sells his daughter and wife while drunk. But then he realizes his mistake and lives on with the guilt until he finds them again. The novel is highly appreciated by general readers around the world.

Features of The Mayor of Casterbridge pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • This novel of Thomas Hardy is also featured in fictional county of Wessex.
  • It features an interesting plot set in early 19th century.
  • One of most read books of Thomas Hardy around the world.


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