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Exit West Pdf
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People from warring countries taking refuge in safer countries is the way of the world. However, with the modernization of the world, border, and visa system, it has become difficult for people to take refuge at someplace safe, snubbing their basic human right of migration. Exit West brings us a story that opens your mind to these problems. To read it, get Exit West Pdf for free on our website.

Exit West Pdf Review:

Exit West is an incredible novel that takes up emigration and refugees’ issues through a heartfelt and touching story. It is the story of Nadia and Saeed, which is a married couple and have to leave their country due to the ongoing civil war. However, while they find it difficult to do the process properly, the method of magical doors leads to them in various places worldwide.

The story of Exit West takes place in an unnamed city that is under civil war. Saeed and Nadia are two working students who meet during their working time. These two people have quite different personalities from each other, where Saeed has a conservative mentality, so he still ends up living with his parents. Nadia, being a bit of an open-minded person, prefers living alone.

However, due to this decision, her parents disown her but falling in love with Saeed gives him the kind of emotional support that she had been missing. So, when the civil war breaks out, they are forced to leave the land, which kicks off a brilliant story from the pen of Mohsin Hamid. Exit West was one of the best tops 10 books by New York Times in 2017.

Exit West Pdf

About the Author Mohsin Hamid:

Mohsin Hamid writes exit West. He is a Pakistani-British author novelist and author known for writing Exit West, Moth Smoke, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, and The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Exit West Pdf Features:

  • Exit West asks important questions related to emigration and refugees.
  • A brilliant story of a couple in love trying to find a proper place in the world

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