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Fairest Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Snow White is one of the classic tales which inspired so many modern authors. Gail Carson Lavine is one of those novelists who found huge inspiration and wrote Fairest and Ella Enchanted. Fairest was published in 2006 and uses many elements from the original Snow White story, including its name. To read the book for free, download the Fairest Pdf e-book right now from our site.

Fairest Review:

Fairest is the story of Aza who doesn’t possess a beautiful complexion and looks like Snow White. However, she truly possesses a kind heart and beautiful vocals that are magical enough to enchant anyone who hears. The magic of her vocals reaches the ears of the prince who falls madly in love with Aza.

Someone might say that Aza truly makes up for her looks with her heart and voice. And, the handsome Prince of the neighbor state falls in love with her when he hears her for the first time. But, like any other tale in this universe, the dangerous new queen is there to make their lives difficult.

Aza is set in the same world as Ella Enchanted. It is another novel by the author of Fairest. However, for this story, she takes her inspiration mostly from the tale of Snow White. The novel has a story, setting, and characters that will truly enchant your heart while reading.

Not just the story, the novel received appreciation for covering themes like self-acceptance and self-image in society. On Goodreads, it has a user score of 3.9 out of 5 and is available for free e-book download.

Fairest Pdf

About the Author Gail Carson Lavine:

Gail Carson Lavine is an American fiction writer. She is known for writing books like Ella Enchanted and Fairest. Her young-adult novels are very famous among teenagers; however, she does have a fan-base comprising of all age groups.

Features of Fairest Pdf :

  • Fairest is set in the same world as Ella Enchanted and is a brilliant young-adult novel.
  • The free Fairest Pdf e-book is available for download with easy-to-read fonts.

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