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Fallen Angels
Written by Shakespeare

We all pass through the age at which we fell in love with someone. It may be a wonderful time for some people. But some people consider this time as the worst portion of their life. Those who are unlucky in their love-life feel the world strange. They prefer to die rather than live. Do you have the interest to read the fictional romantic story of a depressed lover? If yes! Then you can download Fallen Angel Pdf written by American novelist David Lamour.

Fallen Angels Pdf Review:

The novel Fallen Angel is the story of a depressed lover. The author jotted down the experience and feelings of a girl who has fallen in love with a boy. Lamour describes the feelings of the protagonist character that she senses death coming towards her. The despair and anxiety have filled themselves in the girl’s soul and body. She is in a state of confusion and fear now.

The girl says that the death angel wants her soul out of her body. But she is confused about why the angel wants her death as she has nothing done in her life. She has no one to love. The author describes the hopelessness of the girls by the dramatic sentences. The girl says that she fears death, but she feels confused that how dying is more painful than living.

All these thoughts are just for a boy. She truly loves him, but she does not know whether the boy loves her or not. That leads to depression in her life. You will love to read the story. It has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5.

Fallen Angels

About the Author David Lamour:

David Lamour is an American Novelist. He made his debut in the field of literature and writing with his novel Fallen Angel.

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  • The book Fallen Angels got published on 22nd April 2016.
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