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Are we being real in our daily lives or are we all acting? Do we think that we relate to people and even more so to some special people but aren’t we all playing games? Well, the author of Games People Play Eric Berne seems to think so, writing a classic that we are recommending today. Before you move ahead and download the Games People Play Pdf, read a brief review of the book ahead.

Games People Play Review:

Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships is the complete title of the book. The book is written to describe the various functional and dysfunctional social interactions among humans. It raises a few very important questions about how we interact with others and the nature of those interactions. It even raises a question about whether we are being real or acting when seeing others.

We go through more than a few interactions in our daily routine. What the writer does is explain the nature of these interactions and what roles they play. In the first part of the book, the author discusses the transactional analysis. He gives the example of three roles including the parent, the adult, and the child. In these roles, he tries to trace the signs of negative behavior among various social behaviors.

The second part of the book is even more interesting where the author discusses the mind games. He argues that people follow a pattern of predictable behaviors with their different social relations. If you look close enough, you can always predict this behavior happening all the time.

Games People Play is an interesting read, especially for people with an interest in human psychology. We play different sexual, mental, marital, and social games on daily basis and it is time that we learn why. You can download the Games People Play Pdf from our site for free.

Games People Play Pdf

About the Author Eric Berne:

Eric Berne was a Canadian psychiatrist and author. He was best known for his theory of transactional analysis to explain human behavior in different situations. Based on this theory, he wrote Games People Play, one of the bestselling psychiatry books ever.

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