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Ghost Pdf
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The role of intelligence agents and military officers in maintaining the peace of the country is very vital. Certain terrorist groups want bloodshed and violence in society. The security forces are operating undercover day and night to counter them. Do you have an interest in reading fictional stories on the army? If yes! Then you can download Ghost Pdf written by John Ringo.

Ghost Review:

Ghost is the first part of the series of Paladin of Shadows. The author initiates the story by mentioning the life of the protagonist character. The central character of the story is a retired army officer whose name is Michael Harmon. Harmon has served in the army in special operations core for fifteen years. He is an experienced soldier and a field agent.

But due to his physical issue, he gets retired from the army. Now he is at the University of Georgia and studying as an undergraduate student. One day he sees that a van comes from somewhere and kidnaps a girl. Harmon follows that van and reaches an old deserted warehouse. He comes to know that the kidnappers are terrorists who belong to Syria.

He finds a truck full of American people who will go to Syria forcefully. Harmon goes with them undercover, hiding in the plane. When he reaches there, he finds the plan of the terrorists. There is a lot of suspense and thrill, but we are not going to disclose it anymore. You have to read it by yourself. Don’t worry about the book’s feedback. It has a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.

Ghost Pdf

About the Author John Ringo:

John Ringo was born on 22nd March 1963. He is famous for his science fiction novels and army fiction novels. His many books have received the award of the best-selling book. His work got translated into seven different languages.

Features of Ghost Pdf:

  • Ghost got published on 31st October 2006.
  • It constitutes 528 pages.
  • You can download the high-quality pdf book from the website.

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