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Hard Times PDF
Written by Shakespeare

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Hard Times Review:

Some people are in search of pure literature of ancient times. The words, vocab, and imaginary lines of the literature capture the people’s hearts and sight. The literary work not only describes the past conditions but also magnifies the social culture of that time. Are you looking for something similar regarding the ancient scholarly work in fictional writing? Don’t worry because we have something for you. We want to recommend a story named Hard Times PDF, written by the famous British critic writer Charles Dicken. We assure you that you will enjoy reading the book in your leisure time. You can download the PDF book from the website.

The writer Charles dickens criticized the society of the 19th century in his story Hard Times. The book is a masterpiece of the author by pointing the common principles and moral values of the community. Charles initiates the story by describing a character who is living in United-kingdom. He has two children.
His first child is a boy whose name is Tom and his second child is a girl whose name is Louisa. The unguided and lost children fall into great trouble because of the immoral and ill society principles. Tom becomes a thief and starts looting the people. While on the other hand, Louisa starts loving a cheap person who is a banker. She marries him. The father is watching the destruction of his children’s career and life but cannot do anything. He recalls his mistake in the past.
There is a lot of fantasy and lessons in the story. We are not going to disclose it here. You have to read it by yourself.

Hard Times PDF

About the Author Charles Dickens:

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on 12th February in 1812 and died on 9th June 1870. Dickens was a British-born writer who wrote on the social issue as a critic. He was not well educated, but he has written 15 novels, many short stories, and five novellas. He was one of the best writers of the 19th century. Millions of fans still love to read his stories.

Features of the Hard Times PDF:

  • Hard times was first published in 1854 and republished on 9th October 2003 by Pearson Longman.
  • The book constitutes 353 readable pages.
  • The PDF has easy to read font size.
  • The book has a rating of 3.53 stars out of 5.

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