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Hex Hall Pdf
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Combining elements like romance and paranormal into young adult fiction creates a perfect combination. The characters are always interesting and other than that, the storytelling is top-notch. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins is one of those young adult fiction series that you must get. Before you read our brief review of the book, download Hex Hall Pdf at the end.

Hex Hall Review:

Sophie Mercer is the main protagonist of the Hex Hall series. She is a sixteen-year-old girl who has just joined Hecate Hall. This is a school for magical beings and works as a juvenile center when something goes wrong. Since Sophie Mercer is troublesome and sarcastic, she gets herself into trouble making her enter the center. There, she meets a vampire named Jenna Talbot and both of them become friends.

Since Mercer is a warlock, she often finds herself in trouble and problems with other witches around her. While her friendship with Jenna is going great, she falls in love with Archer. However, to her disappointment, she later finds out that Archer belongs to an organization that aims to eradicate Sophie’s kind. This is where Hex Hall’s story gets interesting.

Hex Hall Pdf is available for free download on our website so that you can read the full story. The book has a Goodreads user score of 3.9 out of 5. The book is followed by Demonglass and Spell Bound which are two other books in the trilogy. School Spirits is a spin-off novel that you might want to read after this trilogy.

Hex Hall Pdf

About the Author Rachel Hawkins:

Rachel Hawkins is an American author and novelist. She is best known for writing the Hex Hall, a series of young adult paranormal romance novels. Famous novels like Hex Hall, Demonglass, and Spell Bound are three novels in the series.

Hex Hall Pdf Features:

  • Hex Hall Pdf is taken from the original hardcover edition with high-quality fonts.
  • A perfect combo of genres including young adult, paranormal, and romance.
  • Hex Hall has three books in the series and all of them sold well among the fans.

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