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Home Fire Pdf
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Kamila Shamsie is one of the most successful novelists of our time, and being a regular novel-reader, you must have heard of or read her work at least once. If you haven’t, then it is time to do by getting Home Fire,, which is her seventh novel and a perfect one to get started with this talented writer’s work. If you want to get Home Fire Pdf for free, download it by clicking the free link at the end.

Home Fire Pdf Review:

Home Fire brings us the story of Isma, who has been watching over her younger siblings for years now after their mother’s death. However, she finally has a chance to free herself of these responsibilities and travel to the United States. A chance of working her dream job and mentorship of a great man is awaiting; however, the decision is a hard one to make.

Even though it is a perfect opportunity that could free Isma from this world’s shackles, she is left worried by the thought of her brother, who she doubts has left to join the Jihadists. She is also worried about her sister, who is now in London, is pursuing her education. Her worst fears come true when the news about her brother is confirmed.

Home Fire is a story about the devastating consequences of loyalty that good people have to pay sometimes. The book’s story is intriguing, deep, and heartbreaking, leaving us wondering at the end. The themes such as loyalty, sacrifice, and identity are covered beautifully. Receiving favorable reviews, it got listed as one of the 100 most influential novels by BBC in 2019.

Home Fire Pdf

About the Author Kamila Shamsie:

Kamila Shamsie is a Pakistani-American writer. She is known for writing Home Fire, The City by the Sea, Salt and Saffron, Kartography, and Broken Verses. Shamsie is an award-winning author and has received several nominations for her fiction work.

Home Fire Pdf Features:

Listed below are some of the major features of the book:

  • Home Fire Pdf is available for free download, taken from the original hardcover.
  • Discover the themes of loyalty, identity, and sacrifice in this deep & intriguing story

Download Home Fire Pdf Free:

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