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Julie of the Wolves Pdf
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We have covered hundreds of Newbery Medal-winning books on our site. It is quite surprising that missing out on a masterpiece like Julie of the Wolves was even possible. This children’s book is one of the classics by Jean Craighead George. John Schoenherr has blessed the book with his illustration in 1972. We are bringing the free Julie of the Wolves Pdf e-book for a free read.

Julie of the Wolves Review:

Julie of the Wolves brings us the tale of a young Inuk girl and what she goes through in life. Before we dive deep into the plot details, let us bring you guys a little background about the book. The author of the book was about to write an article on wolves. For that, he and his son traveled to Barrow, Alaska where they found an Inuk girl. Well, this is roughly where the inspiration for this story came from.

Getting back to the plot, it is about an Inuk girl who seems to be living in a dilemma. She is torn between an old Inuit tradition and her modern life in Alaska. Her mother had died and now her father is taking care of her. She grows up to be an intelligent and observant girl under her father’s supervision. While life seems normal, things start to change when she goes to live with her Aunt Martha.

Julie of the Wolves has an interesting and deep story that keeps the readers indulged for hours. If your kid has been looking forward to a great book this summer, you should get it. Don’t forget to download Julie of the Wolves Pdf e-book for a free read.

Julie of the Wolves Pdf

About the Author  Jean Craighead George:

Jean Craighead George was an American writer. She was known for writing more than a hundred children’s and young adult novels. Julie of the Wolves and its sequel Julie’s Wolf Pack are two of her classics.

Julie of the Wolves Pdf Features:

  •  One of the best children’s novels with interesting characters.
  • On Goodreads, Julie of the Wolves Pdf e-book has a 3.8 out of 5 user score.

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