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Lean In Review:

The complete name of the book is “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” and it gives a very good insight of the content of the book. The author if this book is not only one of the very successful women out there but she is having a lot of the experience as well. The book talks about different thing women need to take care of and how they have to take care of their daily fears. According to the author there are a lot of things women can do easily of what society thinks women cannot but they need to believe in themselves in order to make it happen.

The book is divided into different sections and each section talks about something important women need to learn and apply which also makes the book a very easy one to read and understand. From the selection of the career to performing your duties regarding this career you have chosen, all of these guidelines are there in the book for you to read and take advantage of. The self-confidence is one of the greatest things and factors behind being a successful or un-successful one. All of these things are available for you to read within the book, all you need to do is just download and start reading the book and you are good to go.

Lean In PDF

About Author Sheryl Kara Sandberg:

Sheryl Kara Sandberg is an American author. Not only a very good author but she is chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook, the founder of LeanIn.Org, and a philanthropist as well. She has written a lot of very helpful books in order to build yourself.

Features of Lean In pdf:

  • 2013 is the original publication year of the book.
  • English is the original language of the book.
  • There are 387 pages in the book.

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