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Life After Life Pdf
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Life After Life by Kate Atkinson is a critically acclaimed novel that brings a rather unusual style of writing, however, that is the reason why it is so different and loved by people. A part of two series of two novels which tell the story of the Todd Family, Life After Life is the first of them. If you are looking forward to reading it, download the free Life After Life Pdf for a free read right away.

Life After Life Review:

The theme of the book is hidden in the title itself, however, for a deeper understanding, we’ll have to dig deep into it. Well, the story is of Ursula Todd, and as we said this book has a peculiar structure, the story backs and forth into different possibilities about the life of the main character that shakes your perspective a lot while reading about it.

In a couple of possibilities, Ursula is shown being strangled by the umbilical cord in her mother’s womb before she’s even born. Another of the story iterations pictures her drowning in the sea at a very early age. If that is not enough, one iteration hints at her death by falling from a roof while trying to save her falling doll.

Some other versions of the story show her living a life as a traumatized rape victim who is now pregnant as well, however, she gets rid of the fetus by abortion. It is this particular writing style that makes this book unique and one of the best novels written in the 21st century.

Life After Life Pdf

About the Author Kate Atkinson:

Kate Atkinson is an American author who is the recipient of the Whitbread Book of the Year Award and is known for writing Life After Life and many other short stories.

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