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Vampire-themed novels are a big thing among young adult readers. The big successes like Twilight and Vampire Diaries are great examples of that. House of Night by Philis and Christine Cast is another popular vampire-themed novel series. One among the series is Marked which we are here to discuss today. After the brief review, don’t forget to download Marked Pdf from our site.

Marked Review:

Marked is the first novel in the House of Night series. What we love about the novel is its unique take on all the vampire world. Instead of bringing a love and revenge story, it aims to tell a different story. The concept revolves around young teenagers who have been selected for a four-year vampire transformation. Also, they are marked with a crescent moon, explaining the title of the book.

The whole process is carried out in schools called Houses of Night, owned by the vampires. This institution has been created to help children go through this process of change with ease. However, among all the normal children, young Zoey is different and that’s because of her unusual moon. Instead of having that specific crescent moon, bestowed upon her by the vampire Goddess Nyx.

Marked and then the House of Night series has been one of the most successful fantasy series. The book has been translated into 20 languages including Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and many others. On Goodreads, Marked has a user score of 3.80 out of 5, which is pretty good for a fantasy novel. Don’t forget to download Marked Pdf to read the full story of the book.

Marked Pdf

About the Author Phyllis Christic Cast:

Phyllis Christic Cast, a.k.a, P.C. Cast is an American fantasy writer known for writing the House of Night series. Her daughter Kristin Cast is credited for being the editor of the books and their partner has paid off well. Her books have sold millions of copies worldwide and also multiple book awards.

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