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The Name of the Rose PDF
Written by Shakespeare

If you are looking for a very good historical, fiction and the mysterious book then there is no better book other than this one. It is considered as the best book when it comes to these categories. This book tells a story about the Franciscan friar which is known as William of Baskerville. And his travel to the Northern Italy. After they reach the city, a suicide takes place and it disturbs all the routine of the monks. Not just a single monk but many others as well. Now William is the one whose job is to find the mysterious reason behind the sudden deaths of the monks. The Name of the Rose keeps becoming more and more interesting as the story proceeds.

The story becomes ultimately interesting when William starts finding the clues during the investigations. He is not just a normal man but a high standard logical person. And he uses his logic in finding the reasons and the clues. The Name of the Rose is surely going to bound you till the end of the story.

About Author Umberto Eco:

The author of The Name of the Rose is an Italian person known as Umberto Eco. He is also a philosopher and holds a very good name in the philosophical works. Also, he is known as one of the greatest novelists of all the times.

The Name of the Rose PDF

Features of The Name of the Rose PDF:

  • The book is basically an Italian book and it was translated in the English later.
  • The original Italian title of the bo0ok is  “Il nome della rosa”.
  • Type of this book is history, mystery, and the novel itself.
  • The original publication year of the book is 1980 (in Italian). After that, it was published in the year 1983 in the English language.
  • The original printing of the book is on the paperback.
  • This book contains 512 paperback pages.
  • The English translator of the book is William Weaver.

Download The Name Of The Rose pdf Free:

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