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Written by Shakespeare

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Neverwhere Review:

If you are looking for a very good fantasy book then you are in the right place. Not only the very good fantasy but it is offering a very different and a very interesting genre inside the fantasy as well. It is basically a book having the content related to the urban fantasy. There are many things about this book making it one of the very important books. And among these important things, one is the author of the book himself. And not only the book but there is more. There are some of the very good adaptions of the book we are talking about. So you have to read this book at least for once in order to see for yourself that how much this book is amazing and interesting as well. If you are interested in the T.V series then you should check the T.V series based on the same book.

Talking about the main theme and the main subject of the book, it is basically a story of Richard Mayhew and his trials and tribulations in London. And the person we are talking about is a very young businessman. Recently moved from Scotland in order to start a normal life in the London.

About Author Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman:

The author of “Neverwhere” is an English author. Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman is not only a very good author but he is also a very good voice actor as well as a very good screenwriter as well. He is also having a very good name in the books industry as well. And is an author of some of the insanely good titles like the book we are talking about.

Features of Neverwhere PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United Kingdom is the original publication place of the book.
  • The original publication date of the book is 16th September 1996.

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