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New Moon Pdf
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If you are done reading the Twilight Pdf, it is time to get New Moon. New Moon is the second novel in the Twilight Saga book series. Stephenie Meyer continues the saga in a wonderful fashion where the love story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen takes a new turn. This book is one of a kind and to read it, download New Moon Pdf right now from our site.

New Moon Review:

New Moon’s story picks for the same place it ended in Twilight book 1. Bella Swan is depressed and heart-broken since Edward leaves her after his brother’s attack. She has to cope with this loss and it is at this time, she finds Jacob. Jacob becomes a close friend of Bella Swan which gives her a bit of hope. He helps her in fighting the pain of Edward’s loss.

This is, however, just the beginning, and Bella’s story is still to face a turn. It happens when Edward reenters her life after coming back. Also, Jack has revealed his true nature and the story of the New Moon becomes interesting. According to the author, New Moon is about the loss of true love and fake relations showing their real attitude.

New Moon is another of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels which sold 100,000 in the first print. The book quickly hit the bestselling lists in the United States and was a commercial success. However, the critical reception was mixed just liked its movie adaptation. The book has a user score of 3.5 out of 5 on Goodreads. You can download the New Moon Pdf e-book to read the full story.

New Moon Pdf

About the Author Stephenie Meyer:

Stephenie Meyer is the author of the New Moon and Twilight series. The New Moon was another commercial success for her reaching the bestselling lists in the US. Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn are other books in the series.

Features of New Moon Pdf:

  • New Moon is the second novel and bestselling one by Stephenie Meyer.
  • The book continues the story of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob.
  • It has a total page count of 563 pages from the original edition.

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