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Red Clocks Pdf
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Women have always struggled to find their right status in most communities in the world. While modern times have made things a lot better, there are still regions where women have to go through so many difficult situations, even when it comes to their bodies and lives. Red Clocks is a book that raises these questions and if you wish to read it, download Red Clocks Pdf at the end of this review.

Red Clocks Pdf Review:

Women should have good authority over their bodies since it is their basic human right. However, decisions like in-vitro fertilization, abortion, and many others are taken by other people in their family, which has led women to cost their lives. We have thousands of examples for that. Red Clocks brings us the story of five women who go through these same challenges and struggle to find the meaning of their lives.

Red Clocks tells the tale of five women in a small town in Oregon Fishing Town who live their big life questions, including freedom, personal identity, and decisions. The five women are Ro, Susan, Mattie, and Gin, working in different areas of life. Ro is a high-school teacher, Susan has two kids and remains frustrated, Mattie is an adopted daughter, and Gin is an herbalist.

While the book kicks off quite slow with its introductions of the characters and takes time before it settles their stories, you will be intrigued by how well all the stories are connected. Red Clocks is a book that combines every concern and fear of a middle-class woman and puts it on a paper with a story so gripping that you would not want to stop reading.

The author of Red Clocks is Leni Zumas, who has written many other novels, including Red Clocks, The Listeners, and Farewell Navigator. Red Clocks has a Goodreads score of 3.7 out of 5.

Red Clocks Pdf

About the Author Leni Zumas:

Leni Zumas is an American author based in Washington DC. She is known for writing Red Clocks, Farewell Navigator: Stories, and The Listeners. She has received various nominations and praise for her unique writing style with the perfect ability to put women’s issues inside a book.

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  • Red Clocks brings a story of five women searching for freedom and personal identity.
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