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Revolution is a young adult fiction novel written by Jennifer Donnelly and published by Ember Publishing House on 12th October 2010. This novel is based on the story of two fictional characters Andi Alpers and Alexandrine Paradis. The author wrote this novel about the story of a girl who is passing through a bad time because of her family. This book became the Amazon best book of the year and was honored by Kirkus Reviews. So here, you can get Revolution Pdf free ebook from our website.

Revolution Review:

Andi Alpers, at a young age, is struggling with drug addiction. At this time, her family feels miserable because of the loss of her younger brother, Truman. When her young brother passed away, her mother started suffering from depression. She is doing her best to take care of her mother’s illness. While passing through this situation, her father decides to take her with him to Paris on a business trip.

When she arrived in Paris, Andi found a journal written by a girl her age, Alexandrine Paradis. Two centuries earlier, she passed through the same tragedies. The author describes the intense situations in her novel and gives a lesson to those who take it more seriously. When this novel was honored by Kirkus Review, they said that Revolution is rich with details and a beautifully told story.

You should know that this story has two endings, in the start of the first, Andy is struggling with drug addiction. Thoughts of suicide, and the way her family is in a sad condition after the death of his 10-year-old brother. On the other hand, the story got a happy ending. Two different girls, one never knowing the other and two centuries apart.

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Revolution Pdf

About the Author Jennifer Donelly:

Jennifer Donelly is an American writer and novelist of young adult fiction best known for the historical novel A Northern Light. Atheneum was the first to publish her book in 2022. This year, she also published her first novel, the product of ten years of hard work named The Tea Rose. At her carrier, she wrote the second novel A Northern Light which took her to the biggest success in her writing career.

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  • A brilliant and heartfelt story of a teenager struggling with addiction and triumphing over it.

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