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Ringworld Pdf
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Some books are hardly remembered for their characters and story. Rather, they achieve incredible success for their world-building and concepts, making them memorable. Ringworld by Larry Niven is one of those science-fiction books that you must read if great world-building and concepts amuse you. To read the complete story, download Ringworld Pdf at the end of this brief review.

Ringworld Review:

As you would have expected, the story of Ringworld is about an Alien construct. It marks the adventure of Louis Wu and his friends making a journey towards a rotating wheel artificial world. This artificial world is known as Ringworld and the journey towards the place is not going to be an easy one. The story is set in 2850 AD when Louis Wu celebrates his 200th birthday and is still fit as a fiddle.

However, despite being this old, Louis Wu is quite fit, all thanks to the longevity drug boosterspice. While they are all celebrating, Wu meets a puppeteer named Nessus who offers him a job. The job is quite strange, which leaves Louis thinking, however, accepts when thinking of the adventure that awaits.

Ringworld was a successful venture by the author, making him write and add three more books to the series. The book sold well and also won the Nebula Award for the best science-fiction novel. The awards like Locus and Hugo were also awarded to the book, making the book a huge success. Ringworld has an impressive user score of 4 out of 5 on Goodreads.

Ringworld Pdf

About the Author Larry Navin:

Larry Navin is an American science-fiction writer best known for writing the Ringworld series. For this most notable work, he won awards like Nebula, Hugo, and Locus. He is among one of the bestselling Sci-Fi authors of all time.

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