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Small Fry Pdf
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You can hear very strange stories coming from some of the most successful people on earth. The acceptance story of Lisa-Brennan Jobs by his father Steve Jobs is one of those stories that shocked the world. If you want to know the complete story from Lisa Brennan herself, read Small Fry. If you want to get this book, click the Small Fry Pdf download button and get the free e-book right away.

Small Fry Pdf Review:

Small Fry makes you wonder how difficult a child’s life can be when his/her father is not willing to accept her. This is in reference to the family estrangement case of Steve Jobs when his daughter Lisa was born to his wife Chrisann Jobs. When she was born, Jobs denied her paternity; however, after Chrisann filed a suit against him, he accepted Lisa as his daughter in the later years.

Small Fry is written from the perspective of a daughter who wants nothing more than acceptance from his father and the love of fatherhood. Besides bringing you some straight facts from her point of view and lets you know about the emotional abuse she went through during her father’s estrangement. The book covers Lisa’s childhood living with her mother in Palo Alto.

Small Fry is a memoir that will touch your heart if you sympathize with the Lisa Brennan Jobs side of the story. The reviews for this book have been positive where notable publications praised the writing style of the author, calling her a gifted writer. According to many publications, it is one of the most beautiful memoirs and literary works ever.

It is one of the high-rated memoirs having a user score of 4.8 out of 5 on Barnes and Noble and 4/4 on Book Marks. Do not forget to get the Small Fry e-book and have a great read.

Small Fry Pdf

About the Author Lisa Brennan Jobs:

Lisa Brennan-Jobs is an American writer. She has written Small Fry, which is her memoir about her difficult few years in life before his father Steve Jobs accepted her paternity. She has worked as a magazine writer and journalist for various notable publications.

Small Fry Pdf Features:

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  • Read about the difficult first years of Steve Jobs’ daughter Lisa
  • A deep story of emotional abuse and a daughter longing for her father

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