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Tangerine (Edward Bloor) Pdf
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The 20th century ended with some great young adult and fantasy novels coming our way. Edward Bloor’s Tangerine is one of those that gained remarkable fame. The story of Paul Fisher was so well-written that it is still read and remembered after the book is to receive its silver jubilee. Today, we are going to review this book briefly and also bring you the free Tangerine Pdf download.

Tangerine Review:

The story of Tangerine revolves around middle-schooler Paul Fisher and his brother Erik. They move to a new place with their parents within the United States. Both brothers are lovely, ambitious, and both of them seek a Footballer scholarship. Erik wants to go to a University of his choice and so does Paul, however, being visually impaired, he has fewer chances at getting one.

What happened to Paul Fisher that caused him to lose his sight is one of this story’s biggest dilemmas. However, according to this parent’s point of view, it was because of staring at the solar eclipse, despite their warning about not to do. But, will Paul Fisher be able to beat these odds and still become a successful child prodigy? Well, download the Tangerine Pdf e-book to read the complete story.

Tangerine is a classic with a user score of 3.61 out of their 5-star review system. The book didn’t succeed at winning any notable book award, however, there were a few nominations including Junior Book Award and Top Ten Books for Young Adults.

Tangerine (Edward Bloor) Pdf

About the Author Edward William Bloor:

Edward William Bloor is the author of two novels including Tangerine and London Calling. He is an American author and is most known for his former book the most. It was written before the 2000s and received multiple award nominations.

Tangerine Pdf Features:

  • Do not confuse Bloor’s Tangerine with a novel of the same name by Christine Magan.
  • The novel is a classic and is based on the story of a visually impaired yet brave boy.
  • It has multiple award nominations to its name and the original edition has 303 pages.

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