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The Art of Electronics PDF
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The Art of Electronics Review:

If you are an electronics engineering student and you are looking for one of the most interesting books for yourself then you are in the right place. Saying that you are having one of the most interesting and easy to understand popular reference textbook in your hands will not be wrong. Not only digital and not only the analogue electronics but it is one of the fewer books discussing both of the types of electronics. From the circuits to the voltages and the circuits designs, all of these things are there in the book waiting for you to read and use them.

The book includes a lot of the topics like the current, and resistance, active filters and oscillators, digital electronics, including microprocessors and digital bus interfacing as well. Not only these topics but some of the rare topics like the high-frequency, high-speed design techniques and low-power applications are also discussed in the book and all of the topics are discussed in a very efficient manner as well. All of the things you are going to find in the book are pretty much self explanatory and there is nothing very complex about the topics in this book for sure. All you need to do is just download the book and start reading it to clear the concepts of all of these topics we have discussed here.

The Art of Electronics PDF

About Authors Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill:

Both of the authors of the book are American authors. The authors of the book are having a very good name when it comes to the electronics engineering books.

Features of The Art of Electronics pdf:

  • The original publication year of the book is 1980.
  • There are 1125 pages in the book.
  • There are different editions of the book and the latest ones are having a lot of the updates as well.

Download The Art of Electronics PDF:

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